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Memberships and Donations

Memberships and donations are important because they provide vital financial support and engagement, enabling organizations to sustain their operations, pursue their missions, and positively impact their communities.

Why Join ARA?

Get to Know Us

  • Share the company of those who are passionate about audiologic rehabilitation.​

  • Download AR tools and tips from our journal, website, and newsletter.

  • Learn the latest about best practices in AR by attending the biennial conference (even number of years) and receiving the newsletter.

  • Receive the ARA directory; contacts with similar interests are at your fingertips.

  • Students can apply for the research scholarship, the Herbert J. Oyer Award Scholarship, and learn about other student AR opportunities.


  • Camaraderie with others who are passionate about AR

  • E-mails with updates regarding publications and Newsletters

  • Access to a member’s only area which will include downloadable AR tools, membership directory, and more…

  • Reduced rates for the ARA Institute

  • For student members, competitive Herbert J. Oyer Award Research Scholarship Click here for information

  • Participation in a Speaker's Bureau

  • Opportunity to be a Board and Committee member

What are the Benefits of ARA membership?

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Get your membership now and unlock exclusive benefits, resources, and opportunities while actively supporting the organization you care about.

Lifetime Members: Lifetime members receive automatic membership renewal. If you have questions, please email

Hands Up

Our Annual


We ask that you consider making a monetary donation to the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology.  By contributing to ARA, you help us continue our mission of having a dedicated group of individuals focused on promoting excellence in hearing care through the provision of rehabilitative and habilitative services.  Our group continues to provide an avenue for those interested in rehabilitation and habilitative services to share resources and research, connect personally, support students and come together at our intimate Institutes. 

Your donation will be directed to our student programs and Institute.  Donations will ensure we can provide reduced membership and Institute rates for students.  Donations will also be utilized for our First Student Contest this year.  In addition, donations will be put toward honorariums for keynote speakers at our ARA Institutes. 


We hope you will consider a donation to support ARA’s programs. 

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