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The Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology is a peer-reviewed journal published annually. We encourage you to submit manuscripts of work that would be of interest to ARA members. Please take some time to review the extensive thought and effort being completed by our colleagues across the country.


We are pleased to inform you that we have released the 2018 JARA manuscripts. Please take a moment to review this latest article by Brian Kreismann and colleagues about Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT). In this study, they created an interesting survey about HAT and perceptions about usefulness and costs. Their survey was conducted over a six month period, across seven different clinics and included 117 adults who were scheduled for a hearing evaluation. Their calculations about expected costs and willingness to pay are a novel research approach to consider in our daily practice.

2018 JARA manuscripts (Volume LI)


2017 JARA manuscripts (Volume XLX)

  • Razan Al-Fakir (2016 Oyer Award winner) and Alice Holmes in-depth paper on how the ICF - Core Sets for Hearing Loss (CSHL) can be applied to daily practice for adults with hearing loss - click here

  • Wright and several colleagues highlight their findings about persons with hearing loss who are native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. They specifically show how non-linear frequency compression (NLFC) facilitates speech perception in native speakers of this tonal language - click here

  • Moberly and his colleagues submitted an interesting preliminary study examining three different types of commercially available training programs  (Angel sound, CogMed and Earobics) in adult CI users - click here 

  • Chakraborty, Kaf, and Luckeragues submitted a current summary of Interactive Metronome training in children with APD - click here


Thank you to all of you who submitted articles, and those who reviewed articles and a special thanks to Beth McCord, a graduate student at the University of Kentucky who has worked to finalize all manuscripts in publisher!  We are currently accepting manuscripts for peer review for the 2018 volume. Please consider submitting a manuscript soon! 


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