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What Other Devices are Available Besides Hearing Aids?

I have difficultly listening to the TV.

There are infrared devices that can bring the sound of the TV directly to your ears. These devices use the same mechanism as your remote control, an infrared light, to deliver information. A transmitter is connected to the TV and the listener wears a headset to receive the signal. Sound can still be heard through the TV’s normal speakers, allowing others in the room to enjoy the show with you.
Closed Captioning is also available on most TV programs.


I have difficultly communicating on the phone.

The Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. offers a free amplified telephone to individuals who have a documented hearing loss. They offer standard corded telephones, cordless telephones, and CapTel telephones for individuals with severe to profound hearing impairment. A CapTel telephone allows the speaker to talk and receive the information both auditorily and visually when the received speech is available in a text box. Forms are often available at your audiologists office, so ask about this service!


I have difficultly talking one-on-one in noisy environments, like restaurants.

There are FM devices that can bring the person’s voice directly to your ear and help reduce background noise. With an FM device, the talker wears a small microphone. Their voice is then sent via radio waves to a receiver that you are wearing and plays the sound through headphones. Some hearing aids are compatible with an FM boot, in which case, you as the listener, wouldn’t have to wear anything extra.


I have difficulty communicating in the car.

An FM System will allow you greater ease of communication in the car. As hearing aids are becoming more and more advanced, there are greater capabilities available including better communication abilities in the car. Also, alert your car mates that it is difficult for you to hear in the car so they should get your attention before speaking. It is also more beneficial for you to be able to see their face, so you might not want to drive.


I have difficulty hearing my alarm clock.

Alarm clocks are available that have an amplified and/or low-frequency alarm to effectively wake you. Certain alarm clocks can also be connected to a light source and/or a vibrating disc placed under your pillow or mattress 


I have difficulty hearing the doorbell and telephone ring.

Flashing lights, amplified signals, personal vibrating pagers, vibrating discs, and more can be connected to certain doorbells and telephones to notify and alert you. These alerts can also be connected to knock sensors to notify you of someone knocking at the door.


I have difficulty hearing at conferences/meetings/religious services.

Again, an FM system is optimal to enhance the speech signal. Some places of worship have an FM, Induction, or Infra-Red system set up already, so be sure to ask about one.

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