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Why Join ARA?

  • Share the company of those who are passionate about audiologic rehabilitation.​

  • Download AR tools and tips from our journal, website, and newsletter.

  • Learn the latest about best practices in AR by attending the biennial conference (even number years) and receiving the newsletter.

  • Receive the ARA directory; contacts with similar interests at your fingertips.

  • Students can apply for the research scholarship, the Herbert J. Oyer Award Scholarship and learn about other student AR opportunities 

What are the Benefits of ARA membership?

  • Camaraderie with others who are passionate about AR

  • E-mails with updates regarding publications and Newsletters

  • Access to a member’s only area which will include downloadable AR tools, membership directory, and more…

  • Reduced rates for the ARA Institute

  • For student members, competitive Herbert J. Oyer Award Research Scholarship Click here for information

  • Participation in a Speaker's Bureau

  • Opportunity to be a Board and Committee member


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